Evanescent- Weekly Photo Challenge

I recently had 24 hours at the beach all by myself (not an easy feat with 4 kids).  I spent sunset wandering the shore with my camera at the ready.  It was the first time I was able to watch the beauty of an entire sunset unfold completely uninterrupted and undistracted.  The way the light dances,... Continue Reading →

What is it about a board book?

So there I was, standing in Barnes and Noble, in front of a stocked shelf of board books, trying to remind myself that I was here on a mission, in and out. It wasn't working.  I only needed a Duck and Goose book for my son's first birthday party and yet I couldn't seem to... Continue Reading →

Make or Break

I purposely divided my posts into raising readers and literacy learners because I felt both of these topics were ones I was passionate about, but would appeal to different audiences (and if you know me well I am a little crazy about organization). As I sat down to write this post tonight I am reminded... Continue Reading →

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