In the beginning. . .

“Asking me if I like reading is like asking me if I like breathing.”                      -unknown

I was the nerdy 4th grader who loved the old wooden top desks with the black hole shelf below because it gave me cover when I wanted to get lost in a book.  This occurred quite often, especially during math class. Although I devoured books faster than candy that year reading hadn’t been an easy journey for me. Unfortunately I remember very little from those early years, but my mom has filled in the gaps and I know that until 2nd grade reading was something I had to work hard at. I was a bluebird, not an eagle. Once it clicked though, I was hooked. It became a full fledged addiction.

I would sneak books under the covers with a flashlight late into the night. I’d reread books until the covers were falling off. I knew where every series I loved lived in the school library. I simply couldn’t get enough. Fast forward too many years to count and I found a way to turn my passion into a career. I have the privilege of being a reading specialist for kindergarten through sixth grade students. Not only do I spend my days introducing students to stories, characters and worlds they’ve only dreamed of, but I get to work side by side with some amazing teachers to develop a culture of literacy that will hopefully get their students just as hooked as I was.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve been given on my journey as a reader has been walking side by side with my own children as they discover how their world changes when those symbols on the page suddenly mean something.  I’ve had the joy of watching 2 of my 4 children grow into independent readers, both of whom came to reading easily and haven’t looked back since. I now get to relive my favorite years of reading, those complex, coming of age middle grade and young adult novels, with my 10 year old. One of the blessings of having 4 children is that I get to have many more years of living in that world with bookclubs that take place snuggled under the covers.

My passion for both teaching readers and raising readers along with a love of writing that hasn’t been given its fair share of time over the years led me to this new adventure. I am excited about what this blog holds for me and hopefully what it can give to you. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in this adventure with me.


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