Letting Go by Kim Hole

I am honored to have had this post published by the Nerdy Book Club. Sometimes we need to let go and trust our gut to do what is best for our students.

Reading Contract Intermediate Grades 17-18

Reading Contract Primary 17-18

Nerdy Book Club

Reinventing Intervention. This statement described my goal this past school year. After 7 years as a K-6 reading specialist I knew things had to change. I had just sent 6th graders off that started with me in kindergarten, those student who for various reasons needed on-going reading support. In 7 years those students’ views of reading, the value it held in their lives and the way they saw themselves as readers had not changed. The negative view they had towards reading was an enormous barrier to their growth and I realized removing that barrier had to be my highest priority, before we could get to the mechanics of reading. I knew what I had to do, but the big question left was HOW?

I started simple, I let go. I said goodbye to our reading calendars. When I started this role I firmly believed that in order to ensure…

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Make or Break

I purposely divided my posts into raising readers and literacy learners because I felt both of these topics were ones I was passionate about, but would appeal to different audiences (and if you know me well I am a little crazy about organization). As I sat down to write this post tonight I am reminded … Continue reading Make or Break